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Description:  OLE Automation (COM) API information. See also Technical Note 2271
Products: Reflection for HP with NS/VT
Reflection for IBM
Reflection for IBM 2007
Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise, Professional Edition
Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise, Standard Edition
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS
Reflection Standard Suite 2011
Reflection Suite for X
Reflection X
File Version: 14.1
File Size: 2.1 MB (2198817 bytes)
File Date: 03-Mar-2014
File Type: Product Documentation

Additional Information:

Programming with COM and Reflection 2014 or 2011 - Technical Note 2271

Alternative format: Ribmprog.hlp as HTML

Alternative format: Rwinprog.hlp as HTML

Alternative format: Rftpcom.hlp as HTML

Alternative format: EPC_OLE.HLP as HTML

Roboex32.dll added on 03-Mar-2014.
Rftpcom.hlp updated on 05-Jan-2009: Includes information on IsIPv6, IsConnected, and FileSizeEx properties.

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